//hey, thanks for checking this out //we're all super excited to be building TheTerminal //coolest thing about it is that it is built by the community, with the community, for the community //we're all apes (literally, every employee @ Urvin) //let's stay growing together, being good humans together, and BUY/HODL/DRS until MOASS // //- cam

Equity in equities, so you can invest as an expert

At The Terminal we are empowering individual investors with the education, community, data, and tools necessary to level the playing field and prosper.

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Learn as you go,
earn as you grow

From a simple short squeeze definition to an expertly crafted due dilligence on market structure, TheTerminal offers an expansive educational on-ramp for financial proficiency.

As you master financial concepts, you’ll earn exclusive badges to verify your investment in your own education.

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Make your markets together

Whether you’re looking for unique analysis on a certain stock or sharing memes and shouting HODL, finance is more fun when it’s done together.

With shareable stock snapshots, collaborative due dilligence, and a community forum, TheTerminal is built for financial communities to gather and grow as a group.

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The Terminal they don’t want you to have

For decades, advanced data and tools for financial research have been reserved for institutions and wealthy elites.

The Terminal partners with premium data providers to give you direct access to exclusive data. Paired with advanced AI-powered algorithms, TheTerminal brings clarity to this data to help you discover unique trends and insights.

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